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Need a new kitchen? Should you use a Kitchen Designer?


Are you renovating your kitchen and trying to decide if you need to get a kitchen designer to help you plan it? Or do you think that’s its an unnecessary luxury – that designing a kitchen really isn’t that difficult?

Don’t forget that your kitchen will be a space you use all the time and for more than just cooking. Today’s kitchens are multi-purpose areas – they can be a place for everything from where kids do homework, a classy spot to have a drink with friends or a professional area where you can plate-up Masterchef-style. Read our tips to find out how a kitchen designer can help you achieve what you need.


If you’re like most of us you’ll probably have a budget for your new kitchen. But, unless you have a lot of experience renovating you might not know how to keep to that budget. There are so many products and surfaces to choose from and a kitchen designer can help you choose something that looks great and is affordable too.

Avoid Mistakes

If you have lived in an older house with a kitchen that was installed without a designer, you have no doubt experienced the sort of problems that a poorly designed kitchen can have. Too little bench or cupboard space, bad lighting, difficulties keeping it clean or hard to reach pots and pans which can make cooking a hassle instead of a pleasure. A kitchen designer can help you avoid making those same mistakes – or others – in your new kitchen.

The Inside Scoop

A kitchen designer will have contacts in the industry. This can save you money when it comes to choosing the right products and finishes. It also means they can offer you advice and options you may not have previously considered.

How do I Prepare for a Meeting with a Kitchen Designer?

Come prepared with lots of questions. Think about what you need to use the kitchen for – including all members of your family. Ask the designer what their qualifications are and how much experience they have. Decide how much help you need from your kitchen designer – do you need them to manage your project from start to end?

Hope that this information has helped you decide whether you need input from a local kitchen design specialist.  Feel free to visit www.buildlocal.com.au to find Newcastle & Hunter Valley builders to help you with your renovation projects.

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August 29, 2015 |

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