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What Size Water Tank is Right for My Home?


A rain water tank is a great addition to your home. A tank can help reduce your water bills and provides an alternative for when water restrictions are in place. And if you’re a keen gardener a water tank can help keep your garden lush and green. Water tanks can be custom made to suit the space around your home. So how do you decide what size water tank is right for your home?

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Image: Cessnock Tank Works

What do you need to use the water for?

Think of all the things you can use rainwater for to maximise the use of your tank. That way you’ll get the best value from your water tank. You can use grey water for watering your garden, washing clothes and flushing toilets.

Average amount of water used.

This information is available from your water supplier or use the Hunter Water calculator.

Local Rainfall.

You can search for annual rainfall patterns on the bom.gov.au. In areas with variable rainfall you will need a larger tank to hold the same amount of rainfall as somewhere with more consistent rain.

Area of Roof Draining to Tank.

1mm of rainfall on 1m2 of roof area = 1L of rainwater

How much Security of Water Supply do you Need?

Consider whether it is important for you to have a constant water supply or can you cope with some periods without rainwater available?

According to the Your Home website the approximate tank sizes for a household with mains town water and evenly spread rainfall are as follows:Tank from Cessnock Tank Works

Toilet flushing and use on a small garden – 2,000-3,000 L (Target volume)

Toilet Flushing, clothes washing and small garden – 3,000-5,000 L (Target volume)

Whole House water supply – 5,000-20,000 L (Target volume)

If you live in a rural area where the average rainfall is highly seasonal or no mains town water is available, much larger tanks will usually be required.

If you are in any doubt as to what size water storage tank is right for you, contact your local water tank specialist for advice.

For tank requirements and supply in the Newcastle & Hunter Valley region you can contact Cessnock Tank Works or H20 Tanks & Liners. The Australian Government’s Your Home website also offers advice to help create environmentally sustainable homes.

By Kelli Hawkins

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