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Repairing a Water Tank using a Water Tank Liner


What is a Water Tank Liner?

new tank liner installationWater tanks suffer wear and tear – but those problems can often be fixed quite simply with a tank liner. So what is a water tank liner? A tank liner can be made from a variety of materials, depending on the water tank for which it is needed. It can be inserted inside a structurally sound but otherwise damaged or leaking water tank to dramatically increase its lifespan.

What Problems can Tank Liners be used for?

So long as your water tank is structurally sound a liner can be used to fix a number of issues including:

  • Rusted and leaky tanks
  • Tanks cracked by ground movement
  • Bushfire contamination

 Why use a Tank Liner?

Tank liners are reliable and cost effective. Leaking tanks are costing you money. Using a tank liner is usually far cheaper than installing a new tank. And it is usually a faster solution too. Tank liners are durable and can really extend the life of your existing water tank.

concrete water tankIf you need to get your water tank repaired contact H2o Tank Liners, a small business who specialise in tackling tank repairs and problems that other companies walk away from. They have been servicing the Hunter Valley for many years, and are willing to travel to many areas – from the Blue Mountains to Coffs Harbour and anywhere in between. Contact them on 0419 628402 for more information.

By Kelli Hawkins


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