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Home Technology – What you need to know about wall mounting a TV


There are many reasons why people choose to wall mount a tv. Here are a few important things that you should consider beforehand.

Your wall mounting options will depend on what you are trying to achieve.  Are you after a professional home theatre look without all the cables and leads showing, or just want to stop little fingers touching your beloved television screen.  Before you head out and purchase a wall mounting kit, be mindful that it’s not just a matter of buying any bracket and just screwing it to the wall.

wall mount kits

Here are the three (3) things that you should consider when thinking about wall mounting a tv.

1. Wall Construction – It’s important to find out if your home is steel framed or timber.  If your home is constructed out of a timber frame, there is usually no problem and most brackets will work. A brick wall will provide a great solid surface to mount your tv to, but you will have some problems hiding the cables.  With a steel frame home you will be limited to the types of brackets you can use and you will need to consider the weight of the tv that you are mounting – small TV’s are usually fine with most brackets.

2. Placement of TV –  Careful planning is very important when it comes to deciding where to wall mount your tv. The location you choose will indicate the type of bracket that you will require. For instance, if you will be sitting on a lounge looking square at the tv you may not require a moving bracket that tilts or pivots.  Consider things like the amount of natural light in the room, height that you will be mounting the tv and whether you might move the furniture around at a later date. The other option which is great for small spaces or rooms with a lack of wall space is to mount the tv to the ceiling. Choosing the right bracket is important, some brackets are fixed whilst others can pivot, tilt or retract into the ceiling and can be automated.

3. Bracket Types – There are a broad range of brackets available to choose from. Firstly you need to consider the size of the tv and match it with the right sized bracket. There are typically 3 standard bracket sizes to choose from that will cater for most TV’s on the market. There are fixed wall or ceiling brackets and brackets that tilt or pivot. For those of us who love their technology, you can even get brackets that are automated for ease of use.

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Simon Spasinski – Custom Audio Visual Solutions

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