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Using Recycled Timber in Your Home


Recycled timber is simply timber that has been used before. There are so many ways you can use it in your renovation or new home – perhaps as a stylish feature or in a more practical way as part of the structure of your home. Read on to find out why it’s worth considering.

Some uses for recycled timber include:


  • Floorboards
  • Doors
  • Stairs
  • Railings/balustrades
  • Joinery and cabinetry. In the Hunter, Everlong Building and Joinery do wonderful benchtops for kitchens in recycled timber. Visit their Belmont display centre to see for yourself.
  • Handmade furniture. Check out Earthwood Carpentry and Design for recycled timber furniture that will be a stylish talking point in your home.


  • Decking
  • Pergolas
  • Retaining walls and landscaping
  • Fencing


  • Trusses
  • Framing
  • Timber poles

Why You Should Consider Using Recycled Timber

One of the main reasons people choose recycled timber is for the warmth and aesthetic appeal it gives a home. Even a very modern home can benefit from the soft tones of recycled timber. Another great reason to consider it is the price. And if you think recycled timber is old and therefore more frail, you’d be wrong – recycled timber is actually often far stronger than newer timber as it has dried out completely. And don’t forget the obvious green credentials that come with reusing wood rather than cutting down new trees.

Problems with Recycled Timber

There are some minor issues you need to consider. The first is that it may be difficult to get the exact length of timber you require, particularly very long lengths for things like floorboards, but an experienced carpenter or builder can help you resolve any such issues. The second is that with recycled timber you shouldn’t expect perfection – there will be knots, holes or other marks, but these just add to the character of the final product.

Have a look at Build Local’s listings for builders and carpenters to find one who can help you use recycled timber for your project. For impartial information about using wood in your home, visit the Wood Solutions website.

by Kelli Hawkins

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February 9, 2015 |

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