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5 Reasons to Upgrade Plumbing When Renovating


If you are planning an extension or renovation to your home, don’t forget to think about how you can upgrade your plumbing at the same time.  Updating your plumbing might not be top of your renovating checklist, but it can be more easily attended to at this time, and there are many ways it can improve your lifestyle. Plus if you are getting a plumber in to do work on your extension, it can be cost-effective to get them to complete other jobs as well.

Here are five (5) ways plumbing upgrades can benefit you.

1.       Install a Water Tank

A renovation or extension is a great time to consider installing a water tank if you don’t already have one. The benefits of this are obvious – clean, fresh rainwater, to make use of our incredible natural resource and, of course, the savings a water tank can offer if you connect the tank and use rainwater for flushing toilets, for outdoor taps and to laundry taps to wash your clothes.

2.       Installing Water Efficient Fittings

Water efficiency is becoming more and more important, both ethically and for cost-effective reasons. When you extend or renovate, be sure to consider the water efficiency of toilets, taps and shower heads. Your plumber will be able to advise you on your best options.

3.       Improved Water Pressure

Water pressure can be low due to leaky, cracked pipes. Upgrading the plumbing can help fix this problem. No more screaming when someone flushes the toilet while you are in the shower!

4.       Plumbing Issues can Affect the Layout of Your Renovation

Right back at the planning stage of a renovation it is particularly important to consider plumbing issues. For cost reasons it can be very effective to keep your plumbing changes in similar or even the same layout to avoid budget blowouts.

5.       Improve the Resale Value of Your Home

While it is true that the plumbing in your home is largely invisible, an upgrade to plumbing is certainly something worth mentioning to your real estate agent when you sell. Prospective buyers will be reassured to know the plumbing in your home is top notch and has been recently updated.

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July 22, 2016 |

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