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Top 5 Tips for Open Plan Living in an Older Home


We don’t live in our houses the same way as we once did. Today, most people want living spaces with a modern open plan feel, but older houses often have smaller rooms and distinct, separate living areas.

If you love the charm and style of your older home, but want to modernise the home by opening up the living areas, read on for our top 5 tips.

1. Knock Down a Non-structural Wall

This is the most obvious way to open up your living area. Kitchens were once hidden away, with dining tables in a separate room. Modern homes combine these areas for open plan living. Obviously you can knock down structural walls too, though this will be more expensive. Be sure to talk to an engineer or builder for advice about which walls will be easiest to remove to best open up the space and create a flow throughout the home.


2. Furniture and Décor

Consider investing in more streamlined and modern furniture. Large and cumbersome furniture will make your home feel more crowded and clutter the space. Co-ordinate colours across your entire home so that there is a sense of flow from room to room.living-dining-room

3. More Natural Light

Older homes can be very dark. Letting more natural light into your home will make it feel more open. Consider adding skylights. You might be able to have larger windows installed in your home or add a set of French doors or sliding doors to the rear of the home. Using curtains made from a lighter-weight fabric or using shutters instead can also make the space seem more modern and open.

kitchen-renovation-builder-lorn-nsw4. Remodel your Staircase

If your older home is over two levels your staircase maybe enclosed. Opening it up can really make a difference. Timber banisters, glass balustrades, steel rails or cable rails are all good options.

5. Remove Clutter

Hiding away your clutter can make your home seem more spacious. In living areas consider building in storage, such as the TV cabinet or bookshelves. A carpenter or cabinet maker can come and give you a quote and perhaps suggest different options.

It is possible to create a more open plan feel in the living areas of an older home without undertaking a full scale renovation. If you would like to talk to a local builder who can assist you in Newcastle or the surrounding regions, click here to visit our website.

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