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Preparation For Tiling is the Key to Success


Kitchen TilesSmart choice of wall & floor tiles can really give a room that extra wow factor. There are a huge range of tiles available in different sizes, colours and textures that can turn your kitchen, bathroom or laundry into something really special. In a renovation project stylish tiles can completely transform the look of a dated or worn looking living space.

However, any tiling job will only be as good as the surface it’s laid on. Tiling, and preparation for tiling, is something people may consider tackling themselves. But before you decide to go down that path consider the result you want – there’s little doubt DIY tiling is best done by those with a strong perfectionist streak and some natural creative talent. Even more so if you are tackling borders or feature tiles.

Bathroom TilesProfessional tilers know that for a great result, preparation is key. The finished job will only be as good as the surface underneath. They don’t rush this preparation process. A good tiler will ensure that the surface to be tiled is sound and free from dust and debris. When laying wall tiles the tiler may need to patch or resurface the area before thoroughly cleaning to ensure the adhesive will take appropriately.

Most floor surfaces to be tiled are concrete or timber, or existing tiles whilst villaboard or plasterboard is common for walls. Due to the expansion and contraction of timber, it is never recommended to lay tiles directly onto a timber floor. Old tiles can be tiled over, provided the tiles are secure and there are no underlying problems. Plasterboard is not suitable for tiling unless it is waterproofed.

The Importance of Waterproofing

Bathroom TilesFor wet areas such as a bathroom or laundry waterproofing is essential. Waterproofing protects the structure of the house from moisture. It requires a meticulous approach. Even if local regulations permit you to do the work yourself, waterproofing can be a messy, costly experience and if done wrong can lead to all sorts of problems, anything from creeping mould infestations to baths crashing through floors. If you want to rein in your renovation budget or to get involved, DIY waterproofing is definitely not the place to try it!

To find a waterproofer or tiler to tackle your renovation project or new home in Newcastle and the Hunter Region see the tilers and waterproofers listed on Build Local’s directory.

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