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Water Tank Repairs – Central Coast, Mid North Coast & Hunter Valley NSW.


When was the last time you checked your rainwater tank to ensure that it’s not leaking and is in good working order?

With the drought period that we are experiencing in Australia right now, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your water tank is not leaking and losing water. So lets go through the main things you should consider when it comes to leaking water tanks and water tank repairs.

A concrete water tank that needs repairs

Cleaning Your Rainwater Tank

You should clean your rainwater tank every few years or so to remove the build up of sediment that accumulates within the tank. If your tank needs a serious clean – more than simply removing leaves from the surface, you should get advice from a water tank repair professional. Harsh cleaning may cause damage to the tank, so it’s a good idea to speak to a professional first to consider your options. To overcome any minor cracks or residue build up issues, home owners often decide to install a water lank liner inside their tank.

Leaking Concrete Water Tanks

Undertake a thorough examination of your water tank and look for any cracks or leaks. Most cracks on concrete water tanks can be repaired, but you could also look at installing a water tank liner to refurbish your tank. To find out more about water tank liner suppliers and installers in NSW visit, Water Tank Liners.

Discoloured Drinking Water

Dirty coloured drinking water can be caused by a build-up of dirt and residue from a rusted roof. Or, it can be caused from damp leaves in gutters  – you should clean your gutters regularly to avoid leaf matter building up and also remove any debris from sitting on top of the water tank roof.

Water tanks for drinking water should have a filter installed to trap sediment, but if your tank is old there’s probably a good chance the filter may have deteriorated and needs to be replaced. If you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water, have your tank inspected by a professional to get the issue resolved.

Dampness around a Rainwater Tank

Persistent dampness around a rainwater tank might be a sign of a leak. Check to see if the ground around your tank is damp and investigate the cause.

Mosquito Control

Water tanks provide a great breeding ground for mosquitoes. To help prevent this, ensure any openings are covered by mozzie-proof mesh.

H2O Tanks & Liners repairing a concrete rainwater tank

If you have a leaking concrete water tank and live in NSW throughout the Hunter Valley, Mid North Coast, Central Coast or Upper Hunter regions, Ross Chapman from H2O Tanks & Liners will be able to offer advice. Ross can assist you with repairing cracks in tanks, installing new tank liners or fitting a new roof to your water tank.

To discuss your water tank repair or liner needs contact Ross direct on 0419 628 402.

For more detailed advice on water tanks, the Australian Government’s Department of Health has a detailed document called Guidance on use of Rainwater Tanks that points out why it is so important for your health to keep your rainwater tank healthy.

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Images: H20 Tanks & Liners, Hunter Valley.


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