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Surge Protection – Protect the appliances in your home


Find out the benefits of having a surge arrester installed in your meter box.

Damaging storms can produce electrical activity in the atmosphere and when lightning strikes it can hit power lines & transformers resulting in power surges to homes through your incoming mains cable.  This means that any electrical appliance that is plugged into a power point in your home may receive an unprecedented surge in power which is way beyond normal tolerances.  If this happens and you do not have a surge arrester fitted in your meter box, it can render some appliances beyond repair.

Even small surges of power can decrease the longevity of electronic equipment over a period of time which in turn costs you money to replace electrical appliances & equipment.  Installing appropriate surge protection at your home can save you money over the long term.

There are two layers of surge protection that you can use at home.  The standard surge protection that most of us would be familiar with at home just looks like a standard powerboard with inbuilt surge protection. Most home owners are aware that these should be used in areas where computer equipment, televisions or home theatre equipment is installed.  This level of protection however may not be able to handle large surges in electricity such as those generated by lightning storms.

The best option to protect the appliances within your home from large power surges such as those which occur during stormy weather is to have a simple surge protection device fitted in your power box called a surge arrester.  A surge arrester takes the burden of the power surge directly down to earth, in turn saving your home and appliances from being damaged.  A licensed electrician will need to install this level of protection in your home.

It is still good practice to unplug expensive devices during really bad storms because there is still a slight chance that a nearby lightning strike could result in a voltage too high for any surge protection to handle.

If you have any questions in relation to the installation of surge protection at your home or if would like a free quote to review your surge protection needs at home the team at Anthony Paul Electrical Contracting would be only too happy to assist you.

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Mary-Anne Paul

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