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Split System or Ducted – What Air Conditioning is Right for You?


couple watching tvSummer is coming and as the weather warms up your thoughts may be returning to the best way of cooling your home. Your decision is probably going to be between split system or ducted air conditioning. So, which is best for you?

What is the Difference Between Split System and Ducted Air Conditioning?

Split system air conditioners are designed for one room. They consist of a wall mounted unit inside the home with a compressor outside. Ducted air conditioning consists of one compressor outside the house and an inside unit in the roof or under the floor which is connected to a series of outlets throughout the house via ductwork.

All about Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioning system can be very convenient. If you need to cool or heat your entire house it is often the best solution. As ducted air conditioning is largely hidden from view it is a popular choice aesthetically. However, generally a ducted system will be more expensive, although the difference is less notable in large homes as they often need numerous split system units. Ducted air conditioning offers easy-to-use controls from a central location, and if you use a zone system you can heat or cool only the rooms you need. Without a zone system you will be cooling or heating your entire home, which can be more expensive to run.

A split system unit on the wall.And what about Split System Air Conditioning?

The benefits of split system air conditioning include its cost, and the fact that you can cool or heat each room separately as you use it. It is usually cheaper to install and to run, and because you buy each unit separately you can add them as your budget allows. Again, this means they can be cheaper to repair or replace as you aren’t dealing with a large ducted system. The biggest problem most people have with split system air conditioning is that the units are more visible on the wall inside the home and each unit requires its own compressor. Ducted air conditioning is more discreet.

Which is Best?

Neither system has a clear advantage over the other. Before making a decision you need to do your sums and think carefully about your needs. Either way, ensure you choose the right capacity system for the space (consult with the experts) and be sure to get one with a high energy star rating to help reduce running costs.

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by Kelli Hawkins

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