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Sloping Block Custom Home Builders Newcastle & Hunter Valley


Building on a sloping block is something that many people are afraid to attempt. In some ways these fears are justified, as it can be more difficult and expensive to build a home on a sloping site. But don’t overlook the positives – read on to find out more about the pros and cons and we can connect you to local builders who specialise in building custom designed homes.

Things to consider…..

1. Elevation

It may sound obvious to consider the elevation but don’t underestimate the importance of this. Not just for the degree of slope – which will affect your costs – but for the views you can achieve. A high elevation will also affect the level of natural light pouring into your house as well as its exposure to the elements. Being buffeted by wind and rain means it is more important than ever to carefully consider the materials you choose for your home. Use hardy materials that are able stand up to the weather and salt conditions if you are building near the lake or beach.


 2. Creativity

Building on a sloping block gives you the opportunity to build a truly one-of-a-kind, creative home. Such homes are usually built on more than one level, which means you have the chance to create something really interesting to take full advantage of the outlook. Homes on sloping blocks are often unique. Many project home builders now offer designs for sloping blocks, but if you want something totally unique it’s best to engage a local home designer and talk to custom home builders who have experience building on sloping blocks.

3. Challenges

There are many challenges that come with building a home on a sloping site. You will probably need to cut into the hillside to a varying degree, depending on the steepness and the design of your home and remember that hills can be made of rock and soil depths can be shallow. Building structural retaining walls and soil displacement can be expensive so these costs will all need to be considered in your budget. When building on a slope, it’s also very important to get the drainage around your property right.

Image:  P & D Kay Constructions – Lake Macquarie Sloping Block Design


4. Costs

Land may be cheaper to buy when the site is sloping, though the building itself will probably be more expensive. Again, it is important to choose a home designer and builder who is familiar with working on sloping sites and with whom you can communicate effectively to ensure a successful build. Careful planning can minimise expenses and if you utilise the slope properly it can help keep costs down.

There are pros and cons to building on a sloping site. It pays to contact a builder with experience building custom designed homes before getting started. Talk to a local home designer or contact the custom home builders listed on Build Local’s website.

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