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Saving Money From The Beginning – PART 2 PASSIVE COOLING


Even within Newcastle and the Hunter there are differing levels of heating and cooling required. Coastal areas can take advantage of sea breezes while inland areas need to consider changes in diurnal temperatures (difference between daytime and night time temperatures).

Passive cooling includes taking advantage of cooling breezes, capturing air movement and excluding the impact of the harsh summer sun. This reduces the need for mechanical cooling, saving you money on your air conditioning bills!

If cooling is a priority, design your home to gain maximum exposure to breezes and include ample shading. Landscaping and fixed structures can be used to deflect breezes through the house and provide additional shading to outdoor living areas. If your site lacks direct cooling breezes, air movement can be achieved by using a combination of high level windows and vents to create convection currents. Open planned living areas with windows that open on multiple sides of the room allows increased ventilation and natural cooling. Ceiling fans add another level of summer comfort.

East and west facing windows are the most difficult to shade (especially west facing). Minimising the number and size of windows on these elevations will also help keep the house cool.

– maximise exposure to cool breezes
– avoid fixed widows
– include multiple openings on more than one wall of each room to promote cross flow ventilation
– use high level windows and vents to create convection currents when direct breezes are not available
– ensure all openings are shaded correctly
– include eaves to the entire house
– reduce amount of glazing to the east and especially west elevations
– use landscaping or fixed structures to direct breezes through your home and provide additional shading

For more detailed information visit www.yourhome.gov.au

Alicia Peattie – Build Local Services Pty Ltd

HIA GreenSmart Professional

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February 13, 2014 |

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