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Saving Money From the Beginning – PART 1 PASSIVE HEATING


Even within Newcastle and the Hunter there are differing levels of heating and cooling required. Coastal areas can take advantage of sea breezes while inland areas need to consider changes in diurnal temperatures (difference between daytime and night time temperatures).

Passive heating basically means letting the winter sun in to warm up the house whilst excluding the harsh summer sun. This can be easily achieved by adding appropriate shading devices to the north.

To achieve good solar design at minimal cost you should choose a site that can achieve north facing daylight living areas and outdoor spaces. South facing sites are ideal allowing north facing rear living areas and private outdoor spaces. North facing blocks are also great as long as the design is wide enough to accommodate a north facing living area to the front and is set back far enough to allow a north facing courtyard to the front. East and west facing blocks should consider a longer design that allows the northern side of the design to accommodate both the indoor and outdoor living areas. However these blocks are more likely to be affected by overshadowing of neighbouring developments.

The ideal orientation for a living area is within 15*W – 20*E of true north. Standard eaves can allow winter sun in whilst excluding majority of the summer sun, so insist on this in your next project. This can be applied to existing homes as well as new homes.

Passive Heating Checklist:
– look for a design that allows north facing living areas
– include eaves all around the house
– verandahs to the north should be replaced with slatted pergolas or adjustable coverings
– relocate or add solid verandahs to the east or west elevations
– reduce the size and amount of south, east and especially west facing windows
– glazing to the north should be between 10-25% of the rooms floor area
– maximise distance between your house and any adjoining property to the north to prevent overshadowing

For more detailed information visit www.yourhome.gov.au

Alicia Peattie – Build Local Services Pty Ltd

HIA GreenSmart Professional

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