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Can you repair a rusted water tank roof?


A metal water tank roof does have a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be repaired or replaced.

One of the common problems that home owners face is that their metal water tank roof becomes rusty. A rusted water tank roof can result in the household fresh water supply becoming contaminated so it is important to resolve the matter as soon as possible if you notice any changes in water quality.

What causes the water tank roof to become rusted?

Home owners in rural and semi-rural locations often have trees nearby which may overhang their tank causing a build up of leaves and silt sitting on top of the roof for long periods of time. This combined with condensation from within the tank can cause the tank roof to deteriorate. The age of the water tank and the type of metal it is constructed from is also a consideration.

concrete water tank

Solution to repair a rusted water tank roof

In most cases the best way to resolve the problem of a rusty water tank roof is to remove the old roof and install a brand new roof in it’s place. This solution generally results in the home owner saving money due to the fact that there is less labour and material costs involved than there would be if the entire tank was replaced. New hot dip galvanised trusses that clear span the tank are used to eliminate any posts in the water. Depending on the condition of the water tank it may be beneficial to consider installing a water tank liner at the same time.

Why use a tank liner?

Tank liners are the most cost effective way to resolve problems with old metal or concrete water tanks that have been damaged or are leaking. It is not actually repairing your old tank, but installing a new tank liner inside your old leaking tank.  This saves any major earthworks costs from having to remove a cracked concrete tank or leaking tank and prepare for a new one.

Tank liners are a cost effective 100% guaranteed solution to a leaking water tank. Your pristine water is stored in an Australian manufactured Bartlett tank liner which is specifically designed for the application of storing potable water. The tank liner is placed inside your existing tank and although it doesn’t repair the problematic cracks or holes in your tank, it does provide your water tank with a new internal tank liner protected by a layer of geo fabric which will keep your water fresh and ensures that it remains uncontaminated.

Generally this work can be performed in just one day with the water liner ready for water straight after installation – thus eliminating any down time due to demolishment of the old cracked concrete tank and construction of a new tank. Concrete tanks with poles, concrete water tanks with internal walls can also be addressed. All the original plumbing can generally remain in place with just minor alterations to the bladder tank system.

water tank liner

Not all water tanks can be repaired due to their age and the extent of the damage. The Bartlett water tank liner without UV exposure will last in excess of 20 years in most circumstances. H2o Tanks & Liners would prefer consider things like a new steel water tank roof prior to the installation of the tank liner. If we find that your water tank is beyond repair or you would just like to increase your water tank capacity, H20 Tanks & Liners can supply and install a new Pioneer Water Tank for you in a range of colours to compliment your home.

new water tank roof

If you are unsure what to do with your rusted or leaking water tank, contact H20 Tanks & Liners. We can have a chat with you and talk you through your options over the phone or offer a free site inspection to provide you with an obligation free quote.

Call Ross on 0419 628402

H20 Tanks & Liners can repair or replace water tanks for you at Dungog, Clarence Town, Woodville, Paterson, Vacy, Lochinvar, Maitland, Cessnock, Pokolbin, Central Coast, Peaks Ridge, Wollombi, Greta, Branxton, Singleton, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and the surrounding Hunter Valley area.

By Ross Chapman, H20 Tanks & Liners

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February 19, 2016 |

2 thoughts on “Can you repair a rusted water tank roof?

  1. Ian Cain says:

    Hi would you quote on a new steel roof for a 50,000 Lt concrete tank. 2200mm high.

    My phone # 0400200279

    I am situated at GLENORIE NSW

    Ian Cain

    • BuildLocal says:

      Hi Ian,

      Did you get in touch with Ross from H2o Tanks & Liners about the quote for the steel roof. His number is 0419 628 402.

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