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Renovating Tip of The Week – Feature Walls


Adding a feature wall to a room is a great way to brighten up a space or instantly add style.  It’s amazing how a few hours worth of hard work can completely transform a room.

The easiest way to create a feature wall is to select a paint colour that compliments the room and if you are feeling a little adventurous you could always test out your wallpaper application skills.   Adding a feature wall allows you to add interest to a room and personalise your home with minimal time & cost outlay.

If you do decide on using wallpaper for your feature wall there is an abundance of colours, patterns and finishes available.  Your local hardware store or paint & decorator shop will usually have a broad range of samples for you to look at or you could try browsing an online store.  Just be mindful when using the online stores that you know exactly what you are buying, not all wallpaper quality is the same so do your homework first.

These days most new homes are typically painted the same colour throughout.  This blank canvas will allow you to establish your own character and style to the home by adding a pop of colour to a wall or adding an interesting pattern or texture to a room.

Traditionally older style homes have different paint colour schemes in each room in addition to picture rails, larger skirting boards and other decorative features which all enhance a homes visual appeal and character.  A good mix of wallpaper and strong colour can work really well in these older style homes.

Think about whether you want to add colour or texture to the room (or a combination of both).  Be mindful that some of the painted textured finishes require you to apply the paint in a certain manner to achieve the desired result.  If you are in any doubt when it comes to colour & style choices, contact one of the interior designers listed on our site for guidance.

If you are not sure that you have the confidence to apply wallpaper, try a painted feature wall which is still a great option. For anyone considering installing a wallpaper feature wall for the first time, I’ve put some tips together at the end of this Blog based on my own recent experiences which may come in handy.

If you have completed a feature wall in your home recently, feel free to share your photos with us by sending them to info@buildlocal.com.au or share them with us on Facebook.


Wallpaper Application Tips – Make sure you buy all of the necessary tools before you embark on your wallpapering project.  You will need a smoothing tool or a large car cleaning sponge, wallpaper paste, a  brush for glue and a sharp blade such as a Stanley knife or cutting wheel and a straight edge tool to guide you when making cuts on the paper.  It’s a good idea to keep some old rags about to wipe off any excess glue from the joins as you go too.  Measure your wall before you head in to purchase your wallpaper so that the store attendant can assist you with the quantity of rolls required.

All of the above items can generally be purchased at your local hardware or paint & decorator stores and they cost me less than $20 for everything. Having the right tools for the job definitely makes life easier.  Wallpaper costs can vary from $49 a roll  – $500 for a mural design.

It helps to have a table or floor area set up the length of the wall height so that you can lay the paper down to apply the paste to the entire sheet – it helps to use plastic sheeting to protect the surface underneath also as it gets messy when you are brushing glue onto the paper.

Make sure that you plan where you need to start hanging the paper on the wall being mindful of matching patterns and don’t rush into it.  The very first task is to prepare the wall surface by brushing off any excess dust from skirting and walls and repairing any holes or dents with filler.  Depending on the state of your walls you may benefit from applying a wall paper primer to ensure that your wallpaper sticks correctly.  My biggest tip for anyone attempting wallpapering for the first time would be to choose a wall that doesn’t require too may cut outs.  Multiple windows and power points on the one wall can be tricky areas to get right if you have not worked with wallpaper before.

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