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Safety in the home – The risks of overloading powerboards


Most of us have at least one power board in use at our home, but how safe are they?

Statistics from NSW Fire show that around 350 home or office fires occur each year in NSW due to electrical faults. We have put some tips together to help you identify any potential hazards associated with using power boards in your home.

Power Board Safety Tips 

Take a quick look at our power board safety tips below to see if you can make some changes to improve electrical safety in your home.

  • Use a power board with a built in safety switch/circuit breaker
  • Never overload the board by linking (piggy backing) into another power board
  • Check that plugs are firmly in place in the power sockets
  • Check the lead & board for signs of wear or damage and if in doubt, switch off the power and replace the board
  • Never place a power board under a rug or carpet and ensure that there is sufficient ventilation around the board
  • Heavy plug-in transformers can over balance power boards due to their weight and this may result in overheating due to a poor connection
  • To prevent dust build up in unused sockets you can place power boards on their side or install safety covers in unused sockets
  • Ensure electrical appliances are switched off or unplugged when not in use
  • Double adapters should not be plugged into power boards

For more information about power board safety in your home visit, Fire & Rescue NSW.

If you are in any doubt about the safety of your appliances or electrical wiring, talk to your local electrician.

A licensed electrician can conduct a safety audit of your home and offer you alternate solutions, such as installing additional power outlets in a room to eliminate the need for power boards.

To speak to a Hunter Region based electrician visit, Build Local – Find an Electrician

By Belinda Flanagan

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October 7, 2014 |

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