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Planning a Home Theatre Room


We have put together some helpful advice for home owners who are planning to include a home theatre room in their home.

Custom Audio Visual Solutions can come out to your home to determine your exact requirements or you can bring us your house plans and we can size up your home.

If you are planning to build a new home or extend a room don’t forget to consider the use of acoustic insulation products for the room if you want to achieve the ultimate home theatre experience.  We can work in with your builder to achieve the right solution for your new home and there are several products to choose from.

Home Theatre Room LayoutWhen planning a home theatre room, ideally the room should be more rectangular then square as odd shaped rooms will make it harder to create the surround sound effect and achieve correct placement of speakers. If you don’t have a rectangular shaped room we can still work with you to achieve the best outcome in the available space.

Not to confuse you too much, but the general rule is to work in 1/3rd’s. There are certain angles to work from too which will all depend on the home theatre system you buy, either 5.1, 7.1, 5.2, 7.2, right up to an 11.2 surround sound speaker system.

All speaker layout systems are different and rear speakers also work off angles which are dependent on the room seating position. We can advise you on the best orientation of the room including placement of your furniture. We understand that there are limitations and will always work with you to explain why we recommend doing something a particular way.

The speaker of choice is very important. For example, in a large room we will not recommend small satellite speakers when we know it will not work as well as floor standing speakers. We will also work with you to determine any extras that you may need which will be dependent on the type of equipment that you need to connect, such as a TV, projector, gaming consoles or a recorder.

There is a lot to consider but gone are the days when you could go into a retail store and say ‘I would like a sound system please’.

Purchasing the Equipment – The majority of us head into a retail store and see a home theatre system and think ‘that’s what I need’. Then the sales person comes towards you with a big smile on their face and asks ‘how can I help you’, all the while they are thinking to themselves what extras can I sell them so I can make more money. Going to a major retail store can prove to be a costly mistake for some purchasers.

Whilst talking to a salesperson about the home theatre system you’re looking at, they say ‘nice choice’. Then all of a sudden they suggest a different home theatre system and then you notice they try harder to sell that item (does this sound familiar?).

The story usually ends with the purchaser ending up walking out of the store with something completely different to what they need or expected. Not only did they upsell you equipment, but you ended up buying extra cables that were not necessary.

That’s NOT what we’re about.  We don’t just sell equipment, we create an experience and a relationship that can last longer than some marriages and we thrive in your reactions in the end result when your new home theatre system is up and running.

Selling is one thing, but having the technical knowledge and experience installing the equipment is a science that most retail sales people do not know about. To get the right results there are formulas to follow and the odds are that most sales people won’t ask the right questions. They won’t know the answers to questions like ‘how far back do you sit from a certain screen size’, ‘where do all the speakers go’, ‘what is the best system to suit the size of this room’. These are the questions we can answer.

If you do decide to purchase a home theatre system from a major retail outlet, just be mindful that not all installers will have the same level of experience. Your safest bet if you don’t want to waste money is to give us a call at Custom Audio Visual Solutions before you head out to purchase new equipment.

If you have already gone ahead and purchased a home theatre system from a retailer we can still offer you a full installation service and will ensure that the job is done right the first time.

If we don’t have a home theatre package online to suit your requirements we can tailor one especially for you and you can rest assured that you only ever deal with one company throughout the entire process from the consultation stage right through to installation.

What does a premium service like this cost you might ask? Using one company for sales and installation will actually save you time & money – we can come out to you for an in-home consultation.

For more information visit http://www.buildlocal.com.au/listings/custom-audio-visual-solutions-newcastle/ or phone 0427 151280.

Simon Spasinki – Custom Audio Visual Solutions

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