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Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips


It’s that time of year again and we have some outdoor spring cleaning tips for you!  Spring has arrived and it’s time to start dusting, scrubbing, re-sealing, trimming, fertilising, de-cluttering and giving your home a general freshen up now that the warmer weather is here.

Most of us enjoy being outdoors in the sunshine, so head outdoors on weekends and start tackling your outdoor spring cleaning jobs.

Spring is also the time to start preparing your home for the bushfire season that lies ahead. The following suggestions will not only help you to maintain a tidy home, but they can also help to reduce the risk of burning embers starting a fire on or around your home. For more great tips on preparing your home for the bushfire season, visit  the NSW Rural Fire Service website

  • Remove dry leaves from gutters
  • If you live near bushland or have trees surrounding your property, consider installing a metal gutter guard product
  • Trim back large shrubs and trees and ensure that there are no tree branches overhanging your home or garage
  • Rake up old leaves and debris from around your yard and dispose of it appropriately
  • If you have a woodpile move it away from any buildings and cover it up
  • Check that your garden hose is in good order and ensure that it reaches the perimeter of your property

It’s a good idea to invest in a high quality Leaf Guard product for your home if it is situated near bushland or has large trees around the property. Speak to your local Gutter Guard expert today to find out more about the benefits of installing a leaf guard product and be sure to use a good quality metal product if you live near bushland.

Before you commence your big clean up around the yard, consider how you will dispose of the tree branches and garden clippings.  For those people who do not want the hassle of dumping the waste themselves, you will be pleased to find that there are convenient and affordable rubbish removal options available to you. Give your local Rubbish Removalist a call to find out the best way to dispose of green waste and general waste from around your home.

It’s time to get the garden beds looking good and the lawn looking greener, so head to your local garden centre for advice on the best fertiliser to use on your lawn and gardens.  There are a range of fertiliser options for your lawn from organic fertilisers containing animal manure, slow release granular fertilisers, hose on liquid fertilisers and combination products.  If your busy lifestyle doesn’t allow you the time to spend on your lawn or garden, you can call in a local Lawn and Garden Maintenance professional who can have your yard looking the envy of your neighbours in no time.

Spring is a great time to look at re-sealing timber decks and external wood work to protect it from the sun. If you have timber outdoor furniture consider applying a wax or sealant product for protection to keep your furniture looking good for the months of outdoor entertaining ahead. Your local hardware store will be able to assist you with product choice, but if you want professional advice from the experts you can check with your local Painter for correct preparation and application advice. Take a good look around the exterior of your home to see if any external paintwork is blistering or could do with a freshen up and talk to your local Painter for professional advice and service.

Grab the hose and a bucket of warm soapy water ready to remove cobwebs and dust from the eaves, guttering, external windows and screens.  You could use a high pressure sprayer or a soft broom and the hose. If you don’t have the time to spare, consider calling in your local home maintenance Handyman to carry out the clean for you.  Whilst your local Handyman is onsite they can identify and offer solutions to other small maintenance jobs for you.

Have you registered your swimming pool yet?  If not, go to the NSW Swimming Pool Register and register your pool or spa before the 29th October 2013 deadline. Pools can be neglected in the winter months, so it’s time to get the test kit out, check the PH levels of your pool and make the necessary adjustments to prepare your pool for swimming. Give the concrete or paved areas around your pool a good clean with a high pressure water sprayer but be mindful to avoid the use of chemicals near the pool water.  Whilst you are in the pool area, test the locking mechanism on the gate and check that your pool fencing is secure.

Due to the higher risk of bushfires occurring in the warmer months, now is the perfect time to check that your home building insurance is adequate.  If you need help working through your policy, talk to your local Insurer for assistance.

Whilst you are in clean up and de-clutter mode, think about having a garage sale or selling some items that you no longer use that are cluttering up your garage or your home.

Enjoy being outside in the warm sunshine and make sure that you start tackling the outdoor work sooner rather than later, before the weather gets too warm.

The Build Local Team

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