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How Often Should You Paint Your Home?


Painting interiors is a matter of personal preferenceThere is no doubt that painting the interior or exterior of your home can really give it a new lease on life. But how often do you need to do it?

When to Paint Your Home’s Interior

When to paint the interior walls of your home is really just a matter of personal taste. Modern paints don’t really fail, but they do get worn and dirty. And there is no doubt that old, dirty paint will be greatly improved by a couple of coats of fresh new paint in a modern colour.

However, having said that, some circumstances will cause your existing paint job to look tired more quickly. Paint in high traffic areas will show signs of wear earlier, while smoking, having pets indoors, fireplaces and damp can affect interior paint. Generally, when to paint the interior of your home is something you will know when you see it – perhaps it will be chipped or faded, or you can see the look of the home will be improved by a change.

When to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

When to paint the exterior of your home is a completely different matter to the interior. Exterior paint helps to protect your home from the elements and is not something that should be neglected. Exactly how often you should paint depends on many factors including:

  • The climate of your region. This is particularly important if you live on the coast, where you will need to get your home painted more regularly due to the elements.
  • The vegetation around your home and sprinkler systems that may contribute to damp.
  • The quality of the paint used when the home was previously painted.

Morrison Painting can tackle your next painting jobProfessionally painted exteriors can last as long as ten years, but this will vary greatly depending on the above factors. Don’t wait too long to repaint the exterior of your home. The preparation will be harder and the job more expensive if you do.

Both exterior and interior paint jobs will last longer and look better if tackled by a professional, licenced painter. Preparation can take even longer than the painting, and a good job will be obvious.

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November 17, 2014 |

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