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NAS Device for Home Use (Network Attached Storage)


What is a NAS system you might ask?  NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and these types of systems are becoming more and more popular for use in homes and are not just limited to a business environment any longer. As the price of hard drives is coming down and storage space is going up there are many benefits of having a NAS device for home use.

With the increase of several computers being used at home at any one time and not to forget things like TV’s, Blu-ray players, internet connection, home theatre systems as well as multi-room audio systems adding a NAS is just a natural progression.  A NAS device is the perfect solution for data sharing and internet access within the home.

Gone are the days where you stored all your files, music, movies and even photos on a computer, thumb drive or disc. If the computer gets a really bad virus and all the data is on the computer and you didn’t back up you files (as we all usually don’t), you can say goodbye to everything. With a NAS device that is setup correctly each person with their own computer will have access to the NAS with their own folders that only they can see and these files can be password protected.

It is also possible to play DVD’s and Blu-rays that are stored on a NAS device directly to any TV so there is no need for a Blu-ray player any more (TV’s that support dlna only – that’s newer TV’s but there are other ways around this with older TV’s). Playing multiple movies to different TV’s at the same time is also possible from a NAS device.

If all the files are on a NAS it doesn’t matter about a new computer being added, just access all the files as normal as you won’t lose anything and nothing needs to be transferred over to the new computer only the software to run the files like MS-Word, Outlook etc.

NAS systems can start from a few hundred dollars and go up to a few thousand so it all depends on how much storage is required – how many hard drives you need to archive the end result.

If you are building a new house or renovating now is the best time to future proof your home. A  NAS can be installed at any time in your home but if you are renovating or planning to build a new home it works out cheaper to do the work at this time because it is easier for the installer to run the new cabling.

Installing cabling is best for overall speed to all devices and although wireless is an option it is not recommended as there are limitations in regards to the amount of bandwidth that will be available to each device. A wireless connection can easily be lost so you should only run wireless if there are no other options.  Realistically wireless should only be used for emails and general web browsing.

We’ve found this short video to illustrate the purpose of a NAS – the video is only 3.5 minutes long.


Simon Spasinski – Custom Audio Visual Solutions – www.customavsolutions.com.au/services

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