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Business Listings - Building & Pest Reports

A property purchase is the highest financial transaction for most people with Building and Pest Inspections being a standard part of the Real Estate sales process. When buying a home it is very wise to engage a professional to carry out building and pest reports to ensure that you are fully informed on the condition of the property.

A pre-purchase or pre-sale building report is a written account of the visual condition of the property at the time of inspection. The report is non-destructive, performed and prepared within the Australian Standards and Workcover Safety restrictions and guidelines. These detailed reports give you the opportunity to factor any unforseen circumstances and costs into your loan or budget. Vendors do not have any unwanted surprises when they put their house on the market and it provides the opportunity to realise the condition of the property through an independent eye. It identifies the need for any repairs that may require attention to maximise sale price or be prepared to negotiate on some items.

Purchasers can make an informed decision, be aware of any repairs or maintenance and either negotiate the sale price accordingly or begin to budget for these items. Some loan lenders may request a building report prior to a loan approval. You may save a few dollars in the short term if you don’t get an inspection, but this could cost you thousands in the long run.

To find out more give your local inspection company a call today.

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