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The importance of using licensed tradies


When selecting tradies to work on your home renovation project it is important to consider all of the things that could potentially go wrong if you choose to use an inexperienced or unlicensed tradesperson.

Small jobs such as painting, sanding & small repair jobs can be completed by yourself, but when it comes to selecting someone to carry out electrical, plumbing or building construction work you should not take any risks. Licensed tradespeople are required to carry a NSW Fair Trading Contractor Licence with them on job sites and you should ask the tradesperson to show you this licence prior to commencing any work on your home.

Tradies are required to hold current licenses for good reason – they have been appropriately trained and are aware of any changes to Building Codes and Standards. If you need to find licensed trades for you renovation project visit, http://www.buildlocal.com.au/trades-contractors/

Using unlicensed trades may mean that you will end up with poor quality workmanship which may result in you having to spend more money & time on re-work.  The worst case scenario could mean that you are putting yourself and your family in potential danger if work is not completed to current standards or is poorly executed with a lack of regard for safety.

Plumbing, Draining & Gasfitting or Electrical Wiring Work

Plumbers, Drainers, Gasfitters & Electricians are all deemed specialist tradespeople and home renovators should never attempt to take on any plumbing, draining, gasfitting or electrical wiring work themselves.  It is illegal to carry out this type of work without holding the appropriate contractor licence due to the high risk of harm to themselves and others. Always ensure that you use licensed trades for this high risk specialist work no matter how small the job may seem.licensed-hunter-valley-electrician

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration trades are also deemed specialist tradespeople. A licence from Fair Trading is required before any air-conditioning and/or refrigeration work can be undertaken in NSW, regardless of the cost of the work and regardless of whether the work is residential, commercial or industrial.

Home Building Work

All structural home building work should be carried out by a licensed carpenter or builder.  Carpenters can complete carpentry work up to a total value of $20,000 (inc. labour & materials) without the need to provide home warranty insurance to the consumer. Most builders these days do not carry out the carpentry building work themselves, instead they focus on coordinating a team of trades required to complete the work.  You will require a builder for large projects such as home extensions, substantial renovations & new build construction projects.

Always check with your local Council and talk to the builder or tradesman to determine if Council Development Approval is required prior to any building work taking place.

Home Maintenance

If you have some small fiddly maintenance or repair jobs that need to be completed around the home you may find that it is best to use a home handyman to complete the work for you.

Home handymen do not require a home building licence if the work is not structural and if the total value of the materials & labour combined does not exceed $5,000.  Some examples of such work are changing tap washers, repairing fencing or gates, small painting jobs, small gyprock repair jobs, high pressure cleaning.

If you want to find out more about Home Building Licence requirements in NSW, visit http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/ftw/About_us/Online_services/Home_building_licence_check.page

Happy Renovating!


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