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Running Out of Room? How to Increase the Size of Your House


Does your house feel like it is shrinking as the years go by? Perhaps your circumstances have changed. A new baby, children growing up or elderly parents moved in? Do you desperately need more room? Room to breathe; room to live?

There are many ways you can increase the size of your home and improve the quality of your life. Here are our suggestions list of options.house-extension-progress

1. Home Extensions

The most obvious way to increase the size of your home is to extend your home by adding a new room.  This is most commonly an extra bedroom, or bathroom or perhaps a new living area.  The benefit of extending is that – if well done – it will increase not only the size of your house but also its value.

2. Add Another Level

Similar to extensions, building a second story on existing your home will give you lots of extra space – but it can be expensive. Again it will also usually improve the value of your property when you are ready to sell.

Depending on your home’s design, another option might be to use the roof space to add another room. These rooms can make great home offices, children’s play areas, parents’ retreats or storage.

3. Create More Storage

Carving out storage within your existing home can be surprisingly useful. It won’t actually increase the size of your house – but it can make it feel like it does. A carpenter can utilise unused space to create built-in cabinetry to make your home feel more spacious.

4. Add a Deck / Outdoor Room

Adding a new outdoor deck to your home has the advantage of increasing its liveable floor space and is usually cheaper than an extension. A deck is a great asset in the temperate climate we have here in the Newcastle & Hunter Valley region and can be used year-round if well designed.

Make sure to use a deck specialist – see our listings to find the perfect tradesman for the job.


covered timber deck

5. Use the Basement

Building beneath your home is an option in some instances, particularly for houses on a sloping site. This space is ideal for storage, for children’s rumpus rooms or an extra bedroom and bathroom.

6. Granny Flat

With vacant land becoming rare in inner city suburbs and the price of property increasing it has become popular to add a granny flat to a property. This can be a versatile addition to a home. Granny flats make great home offices, teenage retreats or separate living accommodation for elderly parents. Many landlords are building granny flats on investment properties with large blocks to create extra income.

Have a look at Build Local’s online directory to find the perfect builder or tradespeople to help you increase the size of your home.

By Kelli Hawkins, Build Local

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