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Read this article before you embark on a home renovation


Embarking on a home renovation project is one of the most stressful and expensive challenges that you can go through and is rated in the in the top 10 stressful life events.

As anyone who has lived to tell the tale knows, it also brings pressure to make fast, mostly irreversible, decisions. There is the din and disruption of building and builders and compromised personal space, whether living amid the wood shavings and gyprock dust or paying out rent for temporary accommodation while the work is being done.

Renovation stress can mean trouble for a relationship because it comes on top of everything else that is happening in your life. It may sound obvious but it all starts with good planning and even though we think we are able to develop an effective plan – when it comes to our homes and big outlays of money we often don’t get it right.

Don’t rush to act. The reason amateur renovators make costly mistakes is they believe they have to do it all very quickly. You are not efficient when you rush.

Set priorities. You will always want to do more than you can. It is therefore useful to work out what is (a) essential; (b) optional; (c) desirable. It is also useful to work out the scope of what you can do so you can ask what options might be deleted or downgraded [in the short term].

Don’t expect to ease through without any problems. Things do go wrong. Renovation fatigue is real and happens to everyone but you can minimise its effects if you work through problems, ask questions and make decisions in your own time.

Planning and a cohesive vision is required and you need to make sure that you and your partner can agree on the style and colour schemes before you start spending money.

Get real on the budget too. You need to build in a 20% contingency and to not kid yourself that you won’t need it. If you don’t use it all, then terrific. You’ll have cash to splash at the end.

If you are considering renovating – you can download a Project Advisory Pack and Calculator from http://www.abeeducation.com.au/advisorypack.html – This is an amazingly helpful guide full of lots of tips and helpful information. It contains a calculator that automatically adds the 20% contingency costs onto all of your trade and costs as you insert them and provides you with a true project plan to help you through.

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December 3, 2013 |

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