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Hire an Excavator with Driver to Tidy Your Backyard the Easy Way


Is your backyard looking cluttered or messy – maybe you have a cracked concrete path to get rid of, or tonnes of earth you need moved to get that landscaping job done – hire an excavator and driver. Excavating is back-breaking manual labour that will take you days to complete. Getting an earthmoving company to help you is certainly worth it.

Jobs Where an Excavator Can Come in Handy

  • Digging up a concrete path
  • Levelling ground before building
  • Excavating to lay pipes
  • Creating gardens and other landscaping needs
  • Preparing your backyard for an extension, deck, new garage or driveway
  • Cleaning up large piles of debris
  • Preparing ground for a retaining wall
  • Digging a hole for a swimming pool

T&D Earthworks site excavation in Lake Macquarie

Get your backyard ready for summer now. If you plan on creating new gardens or retaining walls, or need your backyard levelled, considered getting the professionals in to save your time – and more importantly – your back!

T&D Earthworks can help you with all excavation jobs, no matter how big or small, in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. They can even organise to have the excess soil or other material disposed of for you. If your new home is complete but you still have debris and piles of soil that need removing or your yard levelled they can get the job done for you. With an excavator and driver you can get building sites and backyards cleaned up in no time.

We have all the equipment you could possibly need from large scale excavators and tippers to smaller machines that are able to access your backyard through gates and doorways.

Contact Tim from T&D Earthworks on 0417 671 425 today to get a quote on your next excavating or earth moving job.

By Tim Braiding, Owner of T&D Earthworks. Servicing Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley & Port Stephens.

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