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Find out how to extend the life of your TV & save money


A new television is an expensive purchase so naturally you want to get as many good years of use out of it as you can.

Why you should consider having your television screen calibrated?

The easiest way to explain why you should calibrate your television is to compare the process to buying a brand new car.  When you purchase a new vehicle the manufacturer states that you need to return the vehicle to the dealer for the first 1000km service so that required adjustments can be made.  The same thought process should apply to a new Television purchase.  The screen calibration process helps to extend the life of the screen and also enhances your viewing experience.  The manufacturer default settings on a new television are set much higher than necessary making your television work harder than it needs to.

The four (4) main benefits to calibrating your screen are:

– Improvement in picture quality

– Save money on power bills

– Extend the lifespan of your television

– Watch movies in cinema quality with true colour

What is screen calibration?

Put simply, screen calibration is optimising your picture quality. The process involves the technician plugging a specialised device into the television which guides them on what setting changes need to be made to enhance your viewing experience.  The calibration process lessens the workload on the screen, which in turn increases the lifespan of the screen.

When should I calibrate the screen and how often?

Ideally when you first purchase the new television or at least within the first few years of it’s life.  For optimum performance this process should be carried out annually.

At the end of the calibration process your technician will provide you with a before and after comparison report to show the adjustments that were made.  Be mindful that the factory settings on your screen would have been set up to have your screen working harder with more intense colour and brightness than required so it may take you a few days to adjust to the new settings.

If you have any questions at all about screen calibration or if you would like some independent advice on the best solution for your next television or home theatre purchase please do not hesitate to contact me.  We offer a pick & delivery service from any local store of your choice along with full installation of your new equipment.

Custom Audio Visual Solutions can offer television calibration along with a range of other services such as TV antenna installation, home theatre solutions, TV/Data/Phone Outlets, Home Automation & Ducted Vacuum systems.

Simon – Custom Audio Visual Solutions

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