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Top 7 Electrical Renovation Tips by Pete Butcher


Get the most out of your renovating budget when it comes to updating the electrical wiring and fittings in your home.  We have put a few ideas together to highlight areas that should be considered in your home renovation budget.

Our Top 7 Electrical Wiring Tips To Consider When Renovating Your Home

1. Re-Wiring & Switchboard Upgrades

Electrical wiring and circuit boards don’t last forever – older homes should be inspected by a licensed electrician to ensure no dangerous wiring is present. If you intend to add extra power points to your electrical circuit or running new lighting circuits but still have the original switchboard, you will need to have a safety switch installed to meet current Australian Standards AS3000. Depending on the age of the home your electrician may recommend updating all existing electrical wiring and the circuit board at the same time.

2. Building Maintenance

Building Reports often pick up things like rotted timber on fascia boards where the mains electricity is connected to the exterior of the house. However, if you have owned the house for many years you may not be aware of these types of maintenance issues until it’s time to repaint the outside of your home. If you need to have the timber fascia replaced in this area, a level 2 electrician will need to disconnect and reconnect the mains power to the house temporarily to allow the repair work to take place.

3. Hard Wired Smoke Alarms

Hard wired smoke alarms with a battery back up are installed to alert your family that there is a fire in the home. Smoke alarms that are operated by battery alone do not meet today’s Building Code and Australian Standards. Batteries are often removed and not replaced which leads to possible dangerous scenarios. Hard wired smoke alarms only rely on a battery as a backup if there is a power outage. An electrician will know the best place to install the alarms in your home to keep you safe.

4. New Lights and Fans

A great way to update the look of the interior of your home is to replace all of the old lights and fans with new fittings. You will also be saving money on your bills with an energy efficient lighting system. There are loads of lighting options available in your local electrical wholesale lighting show rooms, or contact us at Hunter Electrics for more info and receive a trade discount. LED Downlights are a great option to consider as they help reduce your power consumption along with reducing fire hazards common with old Halogen Down Lights.

5. Kitchen Renovations

Remember to include installation costs for an electrician to install any new kitchen appliances such as ovens, cooktops and range hoods. If you are changing the layout of your kitchen you will likely need power outlets installed to accommodate your fridge, range hood, microwave and dishwasher. Don’t forget to include any new light fittings, such as pendant lights or down lights over an island bench for great bench lighting or additional power outlets required above your benchtop. Electric cooktops will require Isolation Switch’s within 1.5m from your cooktop which is for safety to isolate power quick and effectively when needed.

6. Additional Power points, switches and sensors

Whilst an electrician is carrying out work on your home it’s a great opportunity to consider installing any additional power or TV outlets. Have you ever wished you had 2-way switching for your hallway or kitchen? Now would be the time to install any future proof switches. What about a sensor in the garage to turn the garage light on when you get out of the car or some security sensor lights?

7. Wall Mounting TV’s

If you are carrying out internal layout changes to your home, you could consider asking your local carpenter or builder to create a niche so that your television can be recessed. For a more cost effective solution, we can wall mount your flat screen television to your wall using a bracket system to avoid any building work.

*Always use a licensed electrician to carry out any electrical renovation wiring work around the home. Don’t attempt to remove any rotted or damaged fascia boards where electricity is connected without consulting with your local electrician.

If you live in Maitland, Cessnock, Singleton and the surrounding Hunter Valley areas Hunter Electrics can provide you with a quotation to complete any electrical wiring renovation work around your home.

Call Pete on 0423 098 241

By Peter Butcher, Business Owner – Hunter Electrics.  Lic No. 195208C

August 9, 2016 |

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