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Does my old TV antenna need to be removed from my roof?


The short answer is no, however there are many advantages to having your old tv antenna removed from your roof.

Most home owners would agree that the main advantage of having your old tv antenna removed is that your home will look more appealing without a large obtrusive tv antenna stuck on the roof.  old-antenna

The other consideration is safety. It’s not every day that you climb up on your roof to check if your antenna is still secured to your roof properly and remains in good condition. If you still have the old style of tv antenna that sits high on your roof with guide wires it has most likely been in place for at least 20 years or so and could be unsafe.

Corrosion can occur on the steel poles, wires & fittings over the years which could pose a safety risk in high winds and storms. If your tv antenna comes down in a storm your roof tiles can crack causing substantial damage to your home in wet conditions. Corrosion can be a big concern for home owners who live in areas near the beach or lake due to the amount of salt air.

Thankfully due to the advancement of technology over the years new tv antennas are now much smaller in size. The UHF tv antenna masts used in the Newcastle, Maitland and Lake Macquarie don’t need to be as tall as they used to be since the local TV towers and repeater towers have been upgraded.

Removing old tv antenna structures is best left to the professionals due to the obvious safety risk of falls when working at heights and walking on an uneven surface area. If you would like some advice relating to TV antennas click here to find a local tv antenna expert based in Newcastle & The Hunter Region.

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April 15, 2015 |

One thought on “Does my old TV antenna need to be removed from my roof?

  1. O. Booth says:

    I’m ok to leave the VHF antenna but the wires into the box on the mast making it still work, need to be disconnected? The UHF antenna is connected to the same box but to a different connector. The cable into the house goes to a booster box. Removing the wires from the VHF aerial in the junction box is all I need to do? I do get bad reception on some channels on bad weather days. Thank you.

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