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Creating Functional Living Rooms that Work


Build Local’s Top Tips For Living Rooms.

Your living room is one of the most heavily utilised areas of your home and that space needs to be functional as well as beautiful. Here are our top tips for a functional living space.


Lounges are usually the biggest pieces of furniture in your living room, so decide on their position first, ensuring they face the room’s focal point. Ideally, at least some seating should face inwards to ensure good conversation flow. Lounges should be no more than 2.5m apart. Make sure the traffic areas around the backs of chairs and lounges are well defined and are at least 60cm wide and place a lamp or table near the seating.

Furniture at different heights provides balance and interest in a living room. Consider the contrast of low-lying sofas, artworks on walls and tall free-standing lamps.

custom-designed-homeDefine Your Living Zones

In today’s open plan homes living areas are often part of a larger space that might include the kitchen and dining spaces. Dividers are a great way of giving definition to your living areas. Split levels or low walls are one way to create that definition. Open shelves also make great practical dividers for living rooms.

Rugs can define living areas and can help tie the space to other areas via the use of colour.


Built-in cabinetry can hide all manner of clutter and keep your living room neat. For functionality’s sake as well as to create interest in a space, think about building tall and short cupboards, as well as both deep and shallow drawers. Recessed handles on built-in cabinetry keeps them unobtrusive. 

Furniture with built-in storage is particularly useful to minimise clutter. Coffee tables and side tables with drawers are handy, or consider ottomans with storage inside.

Remember TVs can be built-in to cabinets or hung on walls to free up more space.


Use colour to link spaces. The easiest way to do this is to use one or two main colours across the entire house, but define different rooms with different accent shades.

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