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Choosing Good Kitchen Lighting for Your Home


Lighting may not be top of your list when it comes to selecting products and making decisions on your new kitchen, but it’s worth taking the time to get your kitchen lighting right.  Lights that have been located in the wrong position or are too dull will be annoying in a room you use so often. Follow these tips to get your kitchen lighting right.

1. Size

This is easy to get wrong, particularly with pendant lighting. It can be difficult to judge just how large or small a light will look in a space. Ask your lighting specialist or kitchen renovation company to offer suggestions that will work in the space.  It can be difficult to gauge what size pendant lights will work – if you are unsure, check to see if your lighting specialist will allow you to exchange the lights if you find that they don’t work in the space when you get home.

custom-builder-pokolbin2. Use Several Sources of Light

Don’t just put in down lights and think that will do. Using different sources of light means you can adjust the lights depending on your needs. Kitchens are not used just for cooking any more, but for entertaining, kid’s homework and simply for living. Different sources of light means the area will work well for day or night. You need practical task lighting for when you cook, as well as ambient light for entertaining.

custom-designed-kitchen-builder3. Plan Ahead Where Possible

Some lighting needs to be integrated into the design of your kitchen when it is being installed, as it is almost impossible to add later.

But other lighting, such as pendant lighting, can be added later. It’s often better to do so with pendants as you can see how they look in the space.

4. Should you use White or Yellow Bulbs?

This is a personal choice but white bulbs are often thought to be quite stark. The yellow bulbs can give a softer, warmer light which is less harsh in the hard surfaces of a kitchen.

5. Under Cabinet and Strip Lighting

These options can provide both great practical lighting as well as some stunning visual effects. Consult with a specialist kitchen designer for advice as to whether these lighting options would improve your kitchen.

custom-design-builder6. Natural Light

Don’t forget to consider natural light. It is always great to have a natural source of light in a kitchen – if you don’t have a window in your kitchen, you should definitely consider adding a skylight.   You can’t beat natural light, it’s great for your mood as well as being practical by saving you money on your power bills.

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