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Barn Doors feature in this new kitchen by BNB Cabinets Plus


This new kitchen installed by BNB Cabinets Plus owner Ben, looks fantastic! We love the clever use of black and white cabinets and those beautiful handles really complete the look. This kitchen not only looks great, but there is plenty of space to move around the large island work space.


The 2 pack polyurethane black cabinets are striking against the contrast of the chosen cabinetry handles. With the convenience of lots of draws for storage and a large fridge space, this new kitchen also features a black double oven. For the overhead cupboards, the owner chose white cabinetry which works beautifully against the splashback of cararra marble fan shaped tiles and the white works well with the lower black cabinets.



This large island bench is the hero in the room of this new kitchen and the light fitting that sits above it is just superb. For the benchtop, the owner chose 40mm laminate in a colour called Concrete. Complete with an inbuilt double stainless steel sink, it also has the convenience of the dishwasher underneath for easy cleanup and the extra cupboard space underneath is great for storage. The large benchtop prep area makes this a very spacious and functional kitchen.


How good do these barn doors look! Adding a unique touch to this new kitchen is this fantastic built-in pantry. The barn doors add a bold feature wall to the kitchen, while concealing an organised pantry and handy utility space. The shelving and draw combination maximise the use of the space, complete with power outlets to keep the appliances hidden away. The exposed track and wheel design of the doors work well with the overall style of this beautifully renovated home.

If you are ready to update your kitchen give Ben at BNB Cabinets Plus a call on 0412 323722. Ben has some great ideas and can tailor a design to suit your style and budget whilst managing and coordinating everything from start to finish.

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August 14, 2017 |

Kitchen Flooring Options for Your New Home


There are more choices to make than ever before when you design and build a new home or decide to renovate a home. So what kitchen flooring should you choose? Timber, vinyl, tiles and polished concrete are just the tip of the flooring iceberg.

Take the time to think about how much and in what ways you use your kitchen. For entertaining? Are you a keen cook? Do you spend hours standing at the benches in your kitchen, or do you perch on a stool? Read on for the low down on some of the most popular kitchen flooring options.

Hardwood Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is very popular for kitchens, and with good reason. Timber doesn’t date, its warmth is great against the hard surfaces of a kitchen and it provides a good return on investment should you decide to sell your home. Timber is a good option for open plan areas as it looks equally good when extended into a living area. In addition, hardwood timber flooring is durable and reasonably easy to maintain. If you are renovating a home you may be lucky enough to find timber underneath the existing flooring in the kitchen area that can be polished and lacquered.

Kitchen renovation


Vinyl flooring is arguably one of the most easiest surfaces to maintain. Its other benefits include being budget-friendly and soft – so it’s great for those with children likely to drop crockery. That softness is also great for people who cook frequently, being kinder to legs than a harder surface.

However, you may see seams if you use it over a larger area and it won’t last as long or wear as well as other flooring options such as tiles or timber.

Tile Flooring

Tiles are a very serviceable kitchen flooring option. Should you choose ceramic or porcelain tiles? Porcelain tiles – which are just a version of ceramic tiles that have been fired at a much higher temperature – have the edge, as they are harder, less porous, more durable and less prone to both moisture and staining.

However, tiles are very hard under foot and anything you drop will likely smash! And choose tiles carefully for the kitchen area – high gloss  porcelain tiles look great but they may not be as practical as slip-resistant tiles in the kitchen.


Cork flooring is a very eco-friendly option. It is softer than wood or tile and is naturally slip-resistant due to a textured surface. But cork does need regular maintenance and regular re-sealing.


Bamboo is an eco-friendly flooring option with a similar look to wood. It does have a more limited colour range than timber but is harder and thus less likely to dent.

new kitchen

Image: Freedom Homes

Polished Concrete Flooring

Thanks to television shows like The Block polished concrete flooring is becoming quite popular these days and provides a great modern industrial look to a kitchen. Once installed it is low maintenance and easy to clean but be mindful that concrete can crack so if you are a perfectionist and don’t think you would be happy with a slight crack somewhere in your flooring you may want to reconsider. Before you make your mind up on concrete, have a chat with a few local polished concrete experts to consider your options.

If you need to find a builder to complete home renovations or extensions in  Newcastle or the Hunter Region, visit www.buildlocal.com.au.

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February 17, 2016 |

Choosing Good Kitchen Lighting for Your Home


Lighting may not be top of your list when it comes to selecting products and making decisions on your new kitchen, but it’s worth taking the time to get your kitchen lighting right.  Lights that have been located in the wrong position or are too dull will be annoying in a room you use so often. Follow these tips to get your kitchen lighting right.

1. Size

This is easy to get wrong, particularly with pendant lighting. It can be difficult to judge just how large or small a light will look in a space. Ask your lighting specialist or kitchen renovation company to offer suggestions that will work in the space.  It can be difficult to gauge what size pendant lights will work – if you are unsure, check to see if your lighting specialist will allow you to exchange the lights if you find that they don’t work in the space when you get home.

custom-builder-pokolbin2. Use Several Sources of Light

Don’t just put in down lights and think that will do. Using different sources of light means you can adjust the lights depending on your needs. Kitchens are not used just for cooking any more, but for entertaining, kid’s homework and simply for living. Different sources of light means the area will work well for day or night. You need practical task lighting for when you cook, as well as ambient light for entertaining.

custom-designed-kitchen-builder3. Plan Ahead Where Possible

Some lighting needs to be integrated into the design of your kitchen when it is being installed, as it is almost impossible to add later.

But other lighting, such as pendant lighting, can be added later. It’s often better to do so with pendants as you can see how they look in the space.

4. Should you use White or Yellow Bulbs?

This is a personal choice but white bulbs are often thought to be quite stark. The yellow bulbs can give a softer, warmer light which is less harsh in the hard surfaces of a kitchen.

5. Under Cabinet and Strip Lighting

These options can provide both great practical lighting as well as some stunning visual effects. Consult with a specialist kitchen designer for advice as to whether these lighting options would improve your kitchen.

custom-design-builder6. Natural Light

Don’t forget to consider natural light. It is always great to have a natural source of light in a kitchen – if you don’t have a window in your kitchen, you should definitely consider adding a skylight.   You can’t beat natural light, it’s great for your mood as well as being practical by saving you money on your power bills.

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December 4, 2015 |

Which Material is Best for Kitchen Benchtops?


There are so many options these days when choosing a material for your kitchen benchtop. Do you go for something hardwearing, good-looking or something more cost-effective? Well, it all depends on your needs. Perhaps you just want to bring your kitchen up-to-date before selling. Or maybe you want benchtops with ‘wow-factor’. Here’s a quick rundown of the main kitchen benchtop materials to help you decide.


Timber benchtops can help give a kitchen a warmer feel than stone or metal. Timber benchtops do need sealing but they are not too difficult to maintain. The good thing about wooden benchtops is that any scratches can be sanded out and the surface resealed. Timber benchtops are well suited to country or French provincial style kitchens and you could consider using a recycled timber to give your home additional warmth and character.

kitchen timber benchtop

Image: Everlong Joinery

Stone Benchtops – Granite and Marble

The uniqueness of stone makes it highly desirable. Both granite and marble are stylish options and give a kitchen a real sense of luxury, but they are relatively expensive and keep in mind that marble does need sealing so there will be some ongoing maintenance. But stone is long-lasting and very durable. Lighter coloured marble and granite options can stain so you will need to be careful when it comes to cleaning spills such as red wine and beetroot.

granite benchtops

Image: IH Construction Group


Laminate benchtops have come a long way and can be a stylish option for your kitchen. They are a cost-effective choice but are not as durable as most other options. Laminates are available in a myriad of colours to suit any kitchen. You can choose from a rounded edge or square edge profile to suit the look that you are after.

Engineered Stone/Quartz Benchtops

Engineered stone is a man-made composition of quartz and resin. It is easier to care for and generally cheaper than granite and marble but it still looks great. Engineered stone is made to be extremely durable and hard wearing and is well suited to kitchen benchtops. Most project home builders these days offer upgrades to engineered stone benchtops for your kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

stone benchtop

Image: Tops In Stone


Stainless steel, once only seen in commercial kitchens, is growing in popularity for residential home kitchen benchtops. Stainless steel is hygienic and low maintenance. It gives a streamlined utilitarian look but it does scratch easily and is quite expensive. Zinc is popular in some countries but isn’t often used in Australia.

Acrylic Benchtops

Acrylic benchtops are hygienic, non-porous and can offer fewer visible joins than other benchtop materials. They are easier to maintain than stone or timber. Corian is the most widely known acrylic benchtop manufacturer on the market in Australia.


Not used very often these days, tiles can be a wonderful talking point when used on a kitchen benchtop. They can help you create a truly individual kitchen, but they can be difficult to clean due to the grout lines and you do need to ensure that they are non-porous. Talk to your kitchen designer to ensure you choose suitable tiles if you are considering this option.

The best way to decide what benchtop material will work best for you is to talk to a local kitchen designer, detailing your needs and desired look. Build Local can help you find a kitchen renovation specialist or kitchen benchtop supplier to help you build your dream kitchen or simply update your benchtops.

By Kelli Hawkins, Build Local

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October 21, 2015 |

Our 6 Top Tips for a Budget Kitchen Facelift


Is your kitchen looking tired or dated but you don’t have the money for an entire kitchen renovation? Replacing a complete kitchen can be an expensive – and it might not be necessary. If your cupboards are structurally sound you might find a facelift is all you need to rejuvenate the space. A kitchen facelift is also a great option for landlords seeking to improve a rental property. Here are our top tips for a cheap kitchen makeover that won’t look cheap.

1. New Cupboard Doors and Drawer Fronts

If your cupboards are sound and well laid out you probably don’t need to replace them. There are many kitchen makeover companies who can simply update your kitchen’s cupboard doors and drawer fronts. Another option is to have them resprayed or re-laminated. These options won’t break the bank and you will be surprised at how it will modernise your kitchen.

kitchen makeover hunter valley

Image: BNB Cabinets Plus, Maitland

2. Update your Splashback

Many kitchens are let down by old-fashioned or stained splashbacks. A kitchen renovation company can replace your old tiled kitchen splashback with new tiles, or update your look even further with a glass or mirrored splashback.

3. New Benchtops

Replacing the benchtops in your kitchen is a tried and tested way to renew a kitchen. This can cost as much or as little as your budget allows. From just repainting the benchtop in a specialist paint to replacing the benchtop with laminate or even stone or concrete, the results will amaze you.

4. Replace the Tapware and/or Sink

Replacing old and dull taps in your kitchen can give it an instant update. There are many styles available and you can get a great looking mixer tap at a very reasonable price. Replacing your sink is similarly transformative.

glass kitchen splashback

5. Painting

It’s something you a probably more like to consider in other rooms but it’s a great option in the kitchen too. A lick of paint can update the space and is one of the most cost-effective ways to instantly refresh your kitchen.

6. Appliances

Replacing appliances can be expensive, so only do so if you really need to. Having said that, appliances aren’t as expensive as they once were and you can find cheap models that look as good as their dearer counterparts. Choose appliances with great finishes for a luxurious look.

BNB Cabinets Plus are based in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley and they specialise in helping you transform your kitchen without spending a fortune.

By Kelli Hawkins

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October 1, 2015 |

Need a new kitchen? Should you use a Kitchen Designer?


Are you renovating your kitchen and trying to decide if you need to get a kitchen designer to help you plan it? Or do you think that’s its an unnecessary luxury – that designing a kitchen really isn’t that difficult?

kitcheb desiger everlong joineryDon’t forget that your kitchen will be a space you use all the time and for more than just cooking. Today’s kitchens are multi-purpose areas – they can be a place for everything from where kids do homework, a classy spot to have a drink with friends or a professional area where you can plate-up Masterchef-style. Read our tips to find out how a kitchen designer can help you achieve what you need.


Image: Everlong Joinery, Belmont.


If you’re like most of us you’ll probably have a budget for your new kitchen. But, unless you have a lot of experience renovating you might not know how to keep to that budget. There are so many products and surfaces to choose from and a kitchen designer can help you choose something that looks great and is affordable too.

Avoid Mistakes

If you have lived in an older house with a kitchen that was installed without a designer, you have no doubt experienced the sort of problems that a poorly designed kitchen can have. Too little bench or cupboard space, bad lighting, difficulties keeping it clean or hard to reach pots and pans which can make cooking a hassle instead of a pleasure. A kitchen designer can help you avoid making those same mistakes – or others – in your new kitchen.

The Inside Scoop

A kitchen designer will have contacts in the industry. This can save you money when it comes to choosing the right new kitchen designproducts and finishes. It also means they can offer you advice and options you may not have previously considered.

How do I Prepare for a Meeting with a Kitchen Designer?

Come prepared with lots of questions. Think about what you need to use the kitchen for – including all members of your family. Ask the designer what their qualifications are and how much experience they have. Decide how much help you need from your kitchen designer – do you need them to manage your project from start to end?

Build Local’s directory includes kitchen renovation companies who you can contact to find out more about their kitchen designers. Everlong Joinery have a full time experienced in house kitchen designer at their Belmont showroom who can help plan your new dream kitchen.

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August 29, 2015 |

Planning a Kitchen Renovation? Here are our Design Tips


A great kitchen takes planning. Before going ahead to create your perfect kitchen make sure to do your research and consider both your budget and your lifestyle needs. This will help your kitchen renovation proceed smoothly and give you a great result.

Kitchen Layout Rules

A ‘working triangle’ has been the mainstay of good kitchen design for decades – because it works so well. In that layout, the sink, the oven/cooktop and the fridge form the points of a triangle to make it easy to navigate the space. A distance of less than three metres is ideal. However, there are other ways to delineate the kitchen, especially as kitchens are now so multifunctional. One is to divide the space into work zones, such as for food preparation, cooking and dining. Just consider your lifestyle and needs and plan accordingly.

Stylish Kitchen Design


everlong-joinery-modern-white-kitchenBudget will of course be a huge factor in the kitchen you create. To a certain extent it is true that you get what you pay for. However, there are many ways to save money on your kitchen renovation project that still allow you to achieve the look your after.

It’s worth spending money on a quality benchtop, as this not only gives the kitchen a five-star look but they are highly functional as a hard-wearing food preparation area. When it comes to kitchen cabinetry there are a lot of great options to choose from ranging from laminate finishes to hard wearing polyurethane. Most kitchen companies and flat-pack kitchen suppliers can custom make cabinets to suit your exact needs. You can often save money through smart choice of door handles and tap fittings and it’s worth taking a good look at different alternatives for your kitchen splashback and flooring.

Timber flooring looks great in a kitchen but there are a great range of tiles & laminates that are hard-wearing and easy to clean to suit all budgets.

Appliances are another area where you can save money – you don’t need to get the latest top-of-the-line oven or fridge to get a great looking quality appliance. Stainless steel is always a popular choice for its toughness and style.

Kitchen showrooms are very helpfulFlat-pack, Kitchen Design Company or Designer?

Who you get to help you create your kitchen will depend partly on your budget but also on your needs. If you decide to install a flat-pack kitchen yourself you can definitely save some money if you have the right skills and tools.  Flat pack kitchen suppliers generally have contacts who specialise in installing kitchens if you’re not confident taking on the installation work yourself.

The benefit of using a kitchen company to create your new kitchen is that they will guide you through the entire process from the design stages, product selections right through to project managing all of the tradespeople to ensure that your new kitchen project goes smoothly. This is the right decision for individuals who want to take a hands-off approach.

Hiring an architect or interior designer is a great idea for anyone who is planning to renovate and is struggling with the design layout of their home or for those who need guidance when it comes to product & style choices. Such professionals might be able to offer some design solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had!

These ideas are just the tip of the kitchen iceberg. To help you decide how to proceed with your kitchen renovation have a look at Build Local’s listings for kitchen renovations, interior designers, tradesmen or kitchen supply companies. Don’t forget to look at display kitchens for inspiration.

By Kelli Hawkins

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May 5, 2015 |

Want an alternative to glass? Think Metaline splashbacks


Metaline in the kitchenAre you planning to update your kitchen and love the look of glass for the splashback – you might want to take a look at a new product by Laminex called Metaline. Metaline is an aluminium-based splashback and panel system with a clean continuous look that is comparable to glass. Metaline is generally a more cost effective option than glass and has greater versatility.

Metaline has a seamless finish, and anti-corrosion coated back surface, which makes it ideal for a range of applications. You can even use Metaline in bathrooms for wet area panelling, wall cladding and more.

This product works well in kitchens as a splashback due to its unique flame retardant system which has been independently certified for use behind both gas and electric cook tops.

Some of the available Metaline colours.

Some of the available Metaline colours.

Choose from a range of colours from whites and neutrals to on-trend brights in a high-gloss finish. See the colours on the Laminex website.

This product can accommodate power points, fixtures and taps and with superior stain, mould and heat resistance and it has outstanding durability backed by a seven-year limited warranty. Metaline panels come in two different sizes (3.6m x 1.5m or 3.6m x 0.8m).

For more information about this great product you can talk to your local kitchen company to find out more about Metaline and how it could work in your home.

If you would like to see this product in a display kitchen, you can visit the Everlong Joinery Showroom at Unit 1, 468 Pacific Highway Belmont.

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April 1, 2015 |

TECNOglas HG – New Possibilities in High Gloss


TECNOglas HG - new possibilities in high glossTECNOglas HG is a premium high gloss acrylic surface developed for use in cabinetry and furniture. Its quality finish and virtually seamless edges are comparable to a two-pack polyurethane finish. TECNOglas has been popular in Europe for many years – now it is finally available in Australia.

TECNOglas HG is hard-wearing and provides architects and joiners with new ways to deliver high end results with less expense.

Its primary characteristics include:

  • High UV stability
  • Scuff resistance
  • Increased chemical resistance
  • E0 MR MDF supporting material
  • Pre 45 integrated ergonomic shark nose handle.

TECNOglas HGThe distinctive TECNOglas HG combines great looks, extreme surface resilience, a deep high gloss effect similar to piano lacquer and high UV stability. Effective quality control ensures colour stability and the slimline film minimises the risk of surface bending stress. TECNOglas HG is available in a variety of colours. It is distributed by HAFELE Australia.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning TECNOglas HG is simple. Simply clean the surface with a 1% soap/water solution then let dry.

For more information contact the TECNOglas sales department on 1300 659 728 or have look at their website. Locally, you can talk to Everlong Joinery or visit Everlong’s Belmont display kitchen for more information about TECNOglas.

TECNOglas HG - new possibilities in high gloss cabinetryBy Kelli Hawkins

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February 5, 2015 |

Want a smarter alternative to a real glass splashback?


Laminex have developed a great new product called Metaline and if you love the use of glass in splashbacks you will be impressed with this product.  Metaline is an advanced aluminium based system that is highly durable and comes in a range of colours to suit almost any décor.  This great product looks just like glass but it won’t break the budget.

Metaline not only looks great, it is easy to clean and can be used on a wide range of applications around the home including wall linings, kitchen splashbacks and bathroom & shower recesses.  Metaline also comes with a seven year limited guarantee warranty and is mould, stain and heat resistant.

I’m very impressed that this product can also be used in bathrooms and shower recesses – no more cleaning grout lines.

The team at Everlong Joinery at Belmont are authorised installers of this exciting new product so visit their new showroom to take a look at a Metaline splashback on display and check out the range of colours available.

For more information, visit http://www.buildlocal.com.au/listings/everlong-building-joinery-services-pty-ltd/

or visit the Laminex website http://www.laminex.com.au/products.php#!/splashbacks/metaline-splashbacks-and-panels/


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December 15, 2013 |
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