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What does it cost to add a new ensuite bathroom?


Being a builder who specialises in home extensions & renovations I regularly receive calls from home owners wanting to know what it would cost to convert part of their existing living space into a new ensuite bathroom. Read on to find out more.

On average we find that adding an ensuite bathroom to an existing home will cost home owners between $15,000 to $20,000+. This cost will vary depending on the type of fittings & fixtures you choose for your new bathroom.

This may seem like a lot of money to create such a small space, but be mindful that adding a new ensuite bathroom usually means that there is no existing plumbing in place to accommodate the room, the area has to be waterproofed and additional walls and door openings will need to be constructed to accommodate the new space.

custom-designed-bathroomsHere are some tips to help you plan your new ensuite bathroom.

  • You can save some money on plumbing costs if you can convert and renovate existing wet areas such as an existing laundry or old bathroom.
  • Ideally your new bathroom design would include an external opening window, but if the space does not allow for this you can consider incorporating a skylight to allow natural light into the room. If there is no opening window there is a requirement for the room to be mechanically ventilated – this is easily achieved by installing an exhaust fan.
  • If you have a small area to work with consider using smart products that will make the room appear more spacious and open. Light coloured wall tiles, wall hung vanity units, shaving cabinet style mirrors and concealed cistern toilets can all make a small space feel much bigger than it is.
  • Building Code Of Australia (BCA) states that 2100mm is the minimum ceiling height for a room – however, it is preferable to keep the ceiling height at 2400mm or above.

bathroom-renovations-hunter-valleyWeigh up the benefits of building a new ensuite bathroom.

There are obvious immediate benefits to the occupier of the home when it comes to adding an ensuite bathroom to a home. You should also consider the advantages when you sell your home. Having an ensuite bathroom will appeal to a broader market ensuring that you get a good return on investment.

It’s not always easy to find the perfect place to position a new bathroom in an existing home layout. In some cases it might be best to consider extending the property if you have enough space.

If you would like to add an ensuite bathroom to your home, or want to discuss your options of extending Jarrad Mitchell Constructions can help.  Contact Jarrad on 0431 952 685.

Jarrad Lowe, Jarrad Mitchell Constructions – Servicing Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley.

May 1, 2016 |

Tips for Choosing Tiles That Won’t Date


When it comes to building or renovating bathrooms many people hope to create a space that will stand the test of time in terms of style. But, to create a timeless look can be difficult. So how do you choose bathroom tiles that won’t date?

Firstly, a truly timeless design for any room in your home is impossible – everything dates! That’s the nature of fashion and design. But, by sticking to a few simple rules you can create a bathroom that will still look good for decades to come.

hunter-valley-new-bathroomTips for Choosing Timeless Bathroom Tiles

  • Colour is one of the most important factors to consider when attempting to choose bathroom tiles that will stand the test of time. Who doesn’t associate orange, olive green and brown tiles with the 70s? Or pink mosaic tiles and baths with bathrooms of the 40s and 50s? So, while colour isn’t something to be afraid of when you design your bathroom, if you are looking for a timeless design you should consider using neutral colours. White bathrooms are probably considered the most classic, with neutral beige shades a close second. Black and white tiles are also a classic look.maitland-bathroom-renovation
  • Another thing to consider is the size of the tiles you use. Generally, large tiles are probably less likely to date your bathroom. Both mosaics and subway tiles are popular at the moment, and these are certainly both stylish and eye-catching, but may be considered more likely to date. Unusually shaped tiles, such as the currently popular hexagon, will also date a room in years to come.
  • Gimmicks should be avoided too. Accent tiles will date a bathroom, as will borders around the room, or feature panels.newcastle-bathroom-renovation
  • Tiling from floor to ceiling will also help keep your bathroom design timeless.
bathroom renovation builder newcastle region

Many bathroom design experts would suggest large white tiles are the most timeless bathroom design look. But, for more detailed advice, talk to a bathroom specialist. Local tile and bathroom suppliers can also provide invaluable help and suggestions to make your bathroom look good for years to come.

If you are building or renovating in Newcastle or the Hunter region visit our website.

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April 5, 2016 |

Bath with a Shower Overhead or No Bath?


In an ideal world, when building or renovating everything we want would be achievable. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes we have to compromise. If you can’t have a bath in your house without putting a shower overhead, is it worth having a bath at all? Let’s look at the pros and cons, and consider the options.

Who Will Use the Bathroom?

Probably the main consideration, if you plan on living in the house yourself for the foreseeable future, is who will be using the bathroom. For example, the elderly can find a shower over a bath very difficult to access – it can be quite dangerous for them. At the opposite end of the scale, parents with young children find a bath invaluable. So, in a family home a bath might be important, but in a villa marketed for the elderly it may be unnecessary.


If the thought of not being able to have a relaxing bath after work is inconceivable to you, but you just don’t have the space for a bath and a shower, then you will probably want to opt for a bath with a shower overhead. In some apartments, or older homes with smaller bathrooms it may be difficult to increase the size of your bathroom so that you can have both a shower and bath.


Sometimes your budget just won’t stretch as far as you’d like! A shower over a bath can be a more budget-friendly option than installing a separate bath and shower. You can save money as you don’t need to pay for another screen, drain and all the other plumbing needs that come with having both.

Is Having a Shower Over Bath a Stylish Option?

Many people may be concerned that having a shower over a bath is a less stylish option than having just a shower. But now there are many ways to make it more attractive. For example, you can usually do away with shower curtains and install a rimless clear screen for a modern look.


Finally, No Bath in Your House, Is it a Crime?

In the eyes of many people, yes! But as we’ve discussed, there are many things to consider when making the decision about whether you should install a shower over your bath instead of doing away with a bath altogether. Many people, especially those with children, would insist on a bath in any house they bought. And a long, hot bath after work is desirable for many home buyers.

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December 17, 2015 |

10 Practical Bathroom Renovation Tips


Whether you are creating a new bathroom from scratch or renovating an existing bathroom it pays to get some things right in order to really enjoy the final product. Remember, you will be using this bathroom every day – it needs to be practical as well as stylish. Read the following tips to help your bathroom renovation run smoothly.

1. Consider Tiling from Floor to Ceiling

Tiling all the way to the ceiling not only looks great, it’s practical. The tiles are easier to clean and maintain than a painted wall. It might cost a bit more but you will probably find the end result worth the outlay.ih_regent_street2

2. Keep the Current Plumbing in Place

If you are renovating you will find that keeping the shower, bath, toilet and vanity in the same position could save you thousands in plumbing bills.

3. Mould Retardant Paint

Don’t think about using anything else in such a wet area. An essential.

4. Recessed Niches

To maximise all the space in a bathroom, niches that have been recessed into the wall cavity are a lifesaver. They also tend to be easier to clean than shelves.

5. Consider a Wall-hung Toilet

This will help make the space seem bigger and it is easier to keep clean.

6. Don’t Forget Ventilation

You must not underestimate the importance of keeping your bathroom well-ventilated to keep mould at bay. blacksmiths-bathroom-jmcCross-ventilation of windows in the room is ideal. An exhaust fan should vent to the outside of the home, not the roof space.

7. Consider Sliding Doors

Swinging doors can cut into valuable space if you have a small bathroom so it’s worth considering sliding doors.

8. Vanities with Large Drawers

It is easy to find a place to store small items and toiletries in a bathroom, but what about larger appliances such as a hairdryer? Make sure you aren’t caught out with no space to house the larger items.

9. Sit in a Bath Before You Buy It

It might sound like a simple thing, but buying a bath that looks great but is too uncomfortable to use is a big mistake. Make sure you try before you buy.

10. Consider Dimmers for Bathroom Lights

Different types of lighting, including lights with dimmers can make a bathroom a more enjoyable space. Sometimes you need strong lighting, but softer lighting works best if you are someone who likes to enjoy a relaxing bath – make the lighting work for both needs.

Build Local’s directory has bathroom specialists who can help make your dream bathroom a reality.

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May 10, 2015 |

Adding an Ensuite Bathroom – Is it worth it?


Renovating your existing home to include an ensuite bathroom might be something you’ve long considered but wondered whether it is worth the cost.

An ensuite bathroom is a bathroom attached to a bedroom – most commonly the master bedroom. Those building a brand new home almost always include a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, but older homes don’t always have that luxury. So, is it worth adding an ensuite to your home?

renovated bathroom hunter valley

Image: Jarrad Mitchell Constructions

Does an Ensuite Bathroom Add Value to Your Home?

Most valuers and real estate agents would agree that a well-designed and functional ensuite will add value to your home. How much depends on a range of factors, include the size of the ensuite and the location of your home. And of course, if you over-capitalise, you are unlikely to reap the value of the addition of the ensuite.

Experts recommend getting the design right – this is essential in what is often a small room. No-one wants to buy a home where a shower and toilet have been hastily shoved into the corner of a bedroom. Talking to a local bathroom renovation specialist or an interior designer can help – they might suggest options you have never even considered. You need to find the space for an ensuite bathroom from your existing floor plan – perhaps converting a walk-in wardrobe, utilise part of your hallway or convert an attached smaller bedroom or study.

Ensuite Design Ideas

Be savvy with space saving fittings and think of ways to make your space seem larger. Consider sliding doors, wall-mounted toilets that seem to float above the floor, and perhaps even making the ensuite a ‘wet’ room without a shower screen to save space. Light colours can make the space seem larger and a skylight can work well in dark rooms.

Will it Improve Your Lifestyle?

Adding an ensuite to a busy family home can really improve the quality of your life! As children grow and start spending time in the family bathroom, having your own ensuite is one of those little luxuries you won’t regret.

Image: Beautiful Hunter Homes

Build Local has listings for builders in the Newcastle and Hunter regions who can offer you a complete bathroom renovation, or tradies and contractors who can help you achieve your new ensuite, including plumbers and tilers.

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September 24, 2014 |

Preparation For Tiling is the Key to Success


Kitchen TilesSmart choice of wall & floor tiles can really give a room that extra wow factor. There are a huge range of tiles available in different sizes, colours and textures that can turn your kitchen, bathroom or laundry into something really special. In a renovation project stylish tiles can completely transform the look of a dated or worn looking living space.

However, any tiling job will only be as good as the surface it’s laid on. Tiling, and preparation for tiling, is something people may consider tackling themselves. But before you decide to go down that path consider the result you want – there’s little doubt DIY tiling is best done by those with a strong perfectionist streak and some natural creative talent. Even more so if you are tackling borders or feature tiles.

Bathroom TilesProfessional tilers know that for a great result, preparation is key. The finished job will only be as good as the surface underneath. They don’t rush this preparation process. A good tiler will ensure that the surface to be tiled is sound and free from dust and debris. When laying wall tiles the tiler may need to patch or resurface the area before thoroughly cleaning to ensure the adhesive will take appropriately.

Most floor surfaces to be tiled are concrete or timber, or existing tiles whilst villaboard or plasterboard is common for walls. Due to the expansion and contraction of timber, it is never recommended to lay tiles directly onto a timber floor. Old tiles can be tiled over, provided the tiles are secure and there are no underlying problems. Plasterboard is not suitable for tiling unless it is waterproofed.

The Importance of Waterproofing

Bathroom TilesFor wet areas such as a bathroom or laundry waterproofing is essential. Waterproofing protects the structure of the house from moisture. It requires a meticulous approach. Even if local regulations permit you to do the work yourself, waterproofing can be a messy, costly experience and if done wrong can lead to all sorts of problems, anything from creeping mould infestations to baths crashing through floors. If you want to rein in your renovation budget or to get involved, DIY waterproofing is definitely not the place to try it!

To find a waterproofer or tiler to tackle your renovation project or new home in Newcastle and the Hunter Region see the tilers and waterproofers listed on Build Local’s directory.

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August 26, 2014 |

Tips on Renovating a Small Bathroom


If your bathroom is on the small side there are several ways to make the room appear bigger.  We were faced with this dilemma in a previous home renovation but with a few smart design & product choices we were able to make the room feel much more spacious than it really was.

Here are just a few of the things that we found made a big difference in our bathroom renovation that may be helpful to you:

  • We had a custom made wall hung bathroom vanity made to suit the area.  This allowed us to maximise the vanity storage space using the entire width of the room whilst still allowing the floor area to be clear
  • When it came to choosing a toilet we opted for a concealed cistern toilet suite which meant no visible cistern unit
  • We decided on light coloured tiles in neutral tones. If you decide to add some colour to your bathroom try using a few strips of mosaic tiles or a similar feature tile running vertically in the shower area to create the sense of height
  • We selected the same brand & colour tile for both the floor and walls but opted for a bigger sized tile on the wall.  We also tiled the room from floor to ceiling
  • We had a semi-frameless shower screen installed in our bathroom. If the budget allows you could always splurge and go for a frameless shower screen
  • We used a big mirror above the vanity to reflect light in the room.  We had the  mirror custom made to the exact width of the space above the vanity which went to the height of the ceiling (be mindful that this idea may be too overwhelming in a space with higher than usual ceilings)
  • We installed a concealed internal sliding door unit so that we didn’t have to allow space for the door to open inside the bathroom which made the space feel bigger

We were fortunate to have a bathroom with good natural light but another great way to increase the light in a bathroom is to consider installing a skylight.

If you haven’t renovated before it can be tricky to know how to best design the area. If you are in doubt it is definitely worth utilising the services of an experienced Interior Designer to ensure that you get the room layout and function right so that you don’t make any costly mistakes.  In our GETTING STARTED section you will find local Interior Designers to help you http://www.buildlocal.com.au/listings/category/interior-designers/


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January 9, 2014 |

Want a smarter alternative to a real glass splashback?


Laminex have developed a great new product called Metaline and if you love the use of glass in splashbacks you will be impressed with this product.  Metaline is an advanced aluminium based system that is highly durable and comes in a range of colours to suit almost any décor.  This great product looks just like glass but it won’t break the budget.

Metaline not only looks great, it is easy to clean and can be used on a wide range of applications around the home including wall linings, kitchen splashbacks and bathroom & shower recesses.  Metaline also comes with a seven year limited guarantee warranty and is mould, stain and heat resistant.

I’m very impressed that this product can also be used in bathrooms and shower recesses – no more cleaning grout lines.

The team at Everlong Joinery at Belmont are authorised installers of this exciting new product so visit their new showroom to take a look at a Metaline splashback on display and check out the range of colours available.

For more information, visit http://www.buildlocal.com.au/listings/everlong-building-joinery-services-pty-ltd/

or visit the Laminex website http://www.laminex.com.au/products.php#!/splashbacks/metaline-splashbacks-and-panels/


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December 15, 2013 |
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