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What can a Handyman help me with around the Home?


A handyman can help youA handyman is just that – ‘handy’! A handyman is a professional who can turn their hand to a myriad of different manual jobs around your home. You might hire a handyman because you are short of time to get those ‘little’ jobs done, or perhaps you aren’t yourself particularly ‘handy’. Either way, a they can tackle one or more jobs for you, often at short notice.

What Jobs can’t a Handyman do?

There are so many things a handyman can help you with it is almost easier to tell you what jobs they can’t do. Unless they are also a licensed plumber, electrician or gasfitter, a handyman can not undertake those types of specialised jobs. However, they can do some work related to those trades. Perhaps to wall-mount a television for you, change tricky light bulbs or batteries in smoke alarms or clean out blocked drains.

Need gardening help? Ask a handymanWhat Jobs can a Handyman do?

A handyman can help get all those jobs done – you know, the ones you have been putting off for ages! Or perhaps you are moving house or dealing with a deceased estate and need a hand to get it all under control. There are many basic jobs that most can do, and often a handyman will have an area of expertise, such as painting, joinery, gardening or cleaning.

Most can do the following and more:

  • Gardening – a handyman can help you with everything from hedging, mowing and edging to laying turf, cleaning out gutters or removing rubbish from your backyard.
  • Painting – small painting jobs can often be undertaken by a handyman. They can also carry out small gyprock repairs.
  • Maintenance – a handyman can help you change light bulbs, replace tap washers or flyscreens.
  • Carpentry – Hanging shelves or cupboard doors or even assembling a child’s cubby house are just some of the small joinery jobs that a handyman can undertake for you.
  • Painting can be done by a handymanCleaning – outdoors such as paths and paving with a high-pressure cleaner, or indoors such as window cleaning.
  • Flat pack Assembly – a handyman can undertake the assembly of flat pack furniture you may have bought and be dreading putting together yourself.

As you can see there are many jobs around the home that a handyman can undertake. Have a look at Build Local’s listings to find someone who can come and help you wherever you are in Newcastle or the Hunter Valley.

by Kelli Hawkins

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October 27, 2014 |

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