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10 Practical Bathroom Renovation Tips


Whether you are creating a new bathroom from scratch or renovating an existing bathroom it pays to get some things right in order to really enjoy the final product. Remember, you will be using this bathroom every day – it needs to be practical as well as stylish. Read the following tips to help your bathroom renovation run smoothly.

1. Consider Tiling from Floor to Ceiling

Tiling all the way to the ceiling not only looks great, it’s practical. The tiles are easier to clean and maintain than a painted wall. It might cost a bit more but you will probably find the end result worth the outlay.ih_regent_street2

2. Keep the Current Plumbing in Place

If you are renovating you will find that keeping the shower, bath, toilet and vanity in the same position could save you thousands in plumbing bills.

3. Mould Retardant Paint

Don’t think about using anything else in such a wet area. An essential.

4. Recessed Niches

To maximise all the space in a bathroom, niches that have been recessed into the wall cavity are a lifesaver. They also tend to be easier to clean than shelves.

5. Consider a Wall-hung Toilet

This will help make the space seem bigger and it is easier to keep clean.

6. Don’t Forget Ventilation

You must not underestimate the importance of keeping your bathroom well-ventilated to keep mould at bay. blacksmiths-bathroom-jmcCross-ventilation of windows in the room is ideal. An exhaust fan should vent to the outside of the home, not the roof space.

7. Consider Sliding Doors

Swinging doors can cut into valuable space if you have a small bathroom so it’s worth considering sliding doors.

8. Vanities with Large Drawers

It is easy to find a place to store small items and toiletries in a bathroom, but what about larger appliances such as a hairdryer? Make sure you aren’t caught out with no space to house the larger items.

9. Sit in a Bath Before You Buy It

It might sound like a simple thing, but buying a bath that looks great but is too uncomfortable to use is a big mistake. Make sure you try before you buy.

10. Consider Dimmers for Bathroom Lights

Different types of lighting, including lights with dimmers can make a bathroom a more enjoyable space. Sometimes you need strong lighting, but softer lighting works best if you are someone who likes to enjoy a relaxing bath – make the lighting work for both needs.

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